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From the heart of Delhi, came the idea of Dilli Junction. Coming from a diverse country like India and growing up in Delhi and origins from Kolkata (West Bengal), the center of our life has been the vibrant culture and the FOOD.

Kati roll has been a specialty amongst Bengali’s and being a probashi (roots are from Kolkata or West Bengal but raised in different country or places around the globe) it has been a favorite of the favorites for people like us. Now, being in the US for nearly 11 years, from a mere craving to an absolute necessity gave birth to the idea of Dilli Junction.

Streets in Delhi light up in the evening with street side vendors who sell these food that soothes many who are hungry for that soul quenching taste. It becomes the epicenter almost to the point that our sole reason to go out for evening walks becomes a trip to the vendor who sells the yummiest lip smacking street food. We almost devour ourselves like there is no tomorrow.

We are all about quick bites! Anything that we can grab and go! Cheap yet tasty is what street food for us is. The smell of the frying fritters or the chaat right in front of us makes it worthwhile to stand and watch how soul gratifying the experience is. These street food treats are never heavy on the pocket and maybe that is why waiting in these long lines in the evening are never bothersome.

The festivals of India also play a large role in the way we relish these finger foods and how significantly it plays with our mood during the times of celebration. The colorful and playful culture that we carry on so proudly generations over generations goes hand in hand with the food we cherish and love. Sweets and drinks also play a big part of the Indian culture. Every auspicious ceremony or event in the family is celebrated with the sharing of sweets.

The summers in India brings in the mangoes that every Indian loves. We love to sit down every day with the family and enjoy these ripe sweet mangoes. We beat the heat by making drinks out of these mangoes called Aam Panna which refreshes the mind and soul to an extent. Lemonades are made in the best way one can ever taste, it is not just about the lemon and the water, its about the famous spices that go in as well.

Dilli Junction brings in those street food flavors and the drinks that one must experience in their lifetime to know how tantalizing India street food is to the palate. The masala and chutney are the main ingredients that make Indian street food the way it is. Dilli Junction is bringing the same color, spiciness and flavor from our roots to your plate.

Experience the journey from Dilli Junction to Hoboken without having to leave your country!.


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Kati Rolls, Chaats, Platters and Biryani

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